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Mulching Services

Landscape Mulch Installation & Refreshing

Mulch has more benefits than just improving the look of your landscaping and flower beds. When mulch is laid thick enough, it helps retain moisture in the soil and suppress weed growth. Organic mulches absorb water and prevent evaporation, this is important for healthy landscaping gardens or flower beds during the hot dry summer. Laying new mulch on exposed soil will also help with erosion. Mulch helps to keep the rain water from washing the soil away, and wind from blowing dry soil away.

Keeping your mulch fresh will help maintain the soil's nutrients. Fresh mulch keeps soil nutrients from being washed away by rainwater and slowly breaks down, decomposes and releases nutrients into the soil. By laying mulch in your landscaping beds and around flowers, it will also provide some insulation from the heat and cold.

When new landscaping is first installed, it is more prone to weed growth. It may be necessary to lay weed mat under the mulch to help suppress weeds. Laying mulch properly gives your landscaping that finishing touch, but is also important to the health of your plants and flowers.

Why should you hire Cady's Custom Lawn Care LLC to lay fresh mulch at your home or business?

When we install new mulch in Colton, Parishville, Canton and nearby areas, there are several steps we follow. Anyone can open a bag of mulch and put it on the ground, but we make sure it’s done the right way. Whether we are laying new mulch in a garden, flower bed or landscaping bed, or refreshing your existing mulch, there are several steps for laying fresh mulch.

  1. Our team pulls any weeds from the landscaping bed and then plants any new plants. After that we rake the landscaping bed so there is a nice level smooth surface.
  2. Our next step is to lay weed mat, this creates a barrier that will help keep weeds from growing through your new mulch.
  3. We carefully spread your new mulch. Some of the most commonly used mulch in the Colton, NY is shredded hardwood bark mulch, dyed shredded bark mulch (red, brown and black are the most common), pine bark nuggets, cocoa hull mulch, sweet peet mulch, gravel and river rock.
  4. Our mulch is laid about 3 inches deep. After it has been laid, we make sure the mulch is pulled back from the base of your plants. If the mulch is piled up around the plants, trees, flowers or shrubs, it can cause serious damage to your plants and even kill them.
  5. We recommend that you replenish your mulch as it decomposes. The goal is to keep your mulch 2-3” deep for the best moisture retention and weed control. A good time to refresh your mulch in the Colton, NY is in the spring time. When we come to your property for your spring lawn clean up, we suggest to refresh your mulch at that time.

If you're located in Colton, Parishville, Canton or other nearby New York area, give us a call today at (315) 261-2619 for your free mulch installation quote!

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